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Sakuta Azusagawa

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Sakuta LN

Sakuta Azusagawa (梓川 咲太, Azusagawa Sakuta) is the main male protagonist of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai series.



Sakuta Azusagawa %28film%29

Sakuta Azusagawa

Sakuta is a young man of average height with brown hair, brown eyes and he has three claw marks that go across his chest, which are a result of Adolescence Syndrome. At times, his scars open during moments of extreme emotion such as when Kaede Azusagawa experienced her Adolescence Syndrome.

His choice of school uniform consists of a white dress shirt, which is covered up by the standard light-brown colored blazer; on top that he wears it unbuttoned, wearing a red tie and outdoor brown shoes as well as blue pants.


Sakuta’s most iconic trait is his consistent deadpan face and manner of speech regardless of his emotional state. He will often voice whatever he has on his mind with a calm demeanor. Sakuta is a socially isolated and calm individual as a result of his ordeal with Adolescence Syndrome. While he states that he is not bothered by what people think about him, or care about trying to fit in and be accepted by his classmates, he does admit that rumors about him are sometimes quite painful to hear and that his indifference comes from a feeling that it is pointless to try and go against the «atmosphere»-the social order of school, and tries to hide from it. Nonetheless, he states that he doesn’t care if the whole world would hate him, as long as one person would need him, and isn’t hesitant about defying social norms.

Despite his anti-social demeanor, he does show care and compassion for those he cares about, especially those who suffer from bullying or the Adolescence Syndrome like his sister and himself.

Sakuta is also not afraid to show his perverted side and will often make blunt and straightforward lewd remarks to the girls he interacts with. However, these comments are mostly jokes he directs at others and are by no means ill intended.

All in all, Sakuta’s personality can be summarized as being incredibly selfless, kind and helpful, but also very snarky. He’s often blunt, honest and straightforward with Mai, and he enjoys making lewd jokes that leave her flustered. Ultimately, they both love to tease each other, and they have very similar personalities: both are quick-witted, with a sarcastic streak, yet very kind and helpful, with an immensely good heart, and always do what’s right.


Sakuta gets his scar

Sakuta receives sudden injuries

When waking up one morning, (after his sister Kaede received spontaneous physical injuries after being bullied online and lost her memories) Sakuta’s chest was bleeding to the point where he had to be hospitalized. Fed up with the situation, he’d snuck out and went to Shichirigahama Beach, where he met and told his story to a girl named Shoko Makinohara. Upon asking her why she chose to believe his story, Shoko simply replied that she wanted to spend her life being kinder than before. Moved, Sakuta asked if he could live like she did, which she approved. When he was released from the hospital, Sakuta gifted Kaede a pen and notebook, saying that they would write her name in hiragana, referring to her as the current Kaede.

Later on, as a way to sympathize with Kaede and to prevent further injuries, Sakuta threw his phone in the ocean. His hospitalization would later start the false rumor that Sakuta had engaged in violent activities that sent people to the hospital, which was dubbed the «Hospitalization Incident».

Mai and Sakuta meet

Sakuta meets Mai for the first time.

On May 6, Sakuta was at a library when he noticed the celebrity and fellow classmate Mai Sakurajima walking around in a bunny suit. She was surprised to discover that Sakuta could see her but told him to forget what he just saw.

While heading to school the next day, Sakuta asked his friend Yuuma Kunimi if he could see Sakurajima walking in front of them which was met with a yes. After learning that Sakurajima had gone on hiatus after middle school and that she started high school mid-way through the first year, Sakuta noted how she was an outsider.

Sometime after, Yuuma’s girlfriend Saki Kamisato warned him to stop hanging out with Yuuma, explaining that Sakuta’s involvement with the Hospitalization Incident would tarnish Yuuma’s popularity and thus her own as well. In response, Sakuta asked why Saki was irritated and if she was on her period, which managed to drive her away.

Sakuta allows Mai to touch his scar

Sakuta permits Mai to touch his scar.

The next day, Sakuta went to the train station after school, where he noticed Mai. After witnessing a teenage boy attempting to take a picture of her, Sakuta deterred him by insisting to take a picture of him instead. Mai stated that she was used to that kind of situation, but Sakuta guessed that it wore her down, which she confirmed. On the train, the two had a brief conversation about Sakuta’s alleged involvement in the «hospitalization incident», which he said was false. Mai suggested he call them out for being wrong, but Sakuta stated that if would be futile to fight back against «the atmosphere» (the rumors). It was then that Mai revealed to Sakuta about her stressful past as an actor which made her want to be forgotten, and how she later became invisible to most people. The two got off the train at Fujisawa Station, where Sakuta helped Mai get a custard bun from a clerk who couldn’t see her. Sakuta suggested that her invisibility was the result of a phenomenon called the Adolescence Syndrome, which involved strange and abnormal occurrences. Noticing Mai was unconvinced, he invited her to his home where he showed her the three claw marks across his chest. After briefly allowing her to touch the scar (which he took pleasure in), Sakuta explained the event when his sister, Kaede, received spontaneous injuries from online harassment, which also resulted in him getting wounded as well. Sakuta suggested that in order to become visible, Mai should return to show business, but she angrily refused and stormed out of his home.

The next day, Sakuta spoke with Rio Futaba in the Science Club room. There, he learned that the Adolescence Syndrome that plagued Mai behaved similarly to the thought experiment of Schrödinger’s cat: unless she returned to acting to make people see her, she might disappear completely. At work, Sakuta came across a reporter named Fumika Nanjo who wanted to interview him about his three scars. He initially refused, but upon learning that she knew the reason behind Mai’s hiatus, he reluctantly accepted. Sakuta later found Mai sitting outside his apartment, and learned that the amount of people who were unable to see her had increased.

Sakuta went shopping with Mai at a local market, where he discovered that whatever Mai held would turn invisible along with her. That caused him to grow curious and asked her to hold hands with him to see if he would become invisible as well; he flustered her by admitting he had lewd thoughts while she held his arm, but was caught off guard once she held it even tighter. A nearby man looked at him awkwardly, which led Sakuta to conclusion that he did not turn invisible.

As he and Mai walked home together, Sakuta suggested once more that she return to acting, but was met with stern backlash. He then revealed to her that he knew what drove her to go on hiatus and added her decision was completely ridiculous. Mai slapped him and vented her frustrations over how she was exploited as a product. In response, Sakuta told her that was all the more reason to return to acting, as she went on a hiatus still carrying bitter feelings over that situation, before encouraging her not to hold herself back if she wanted to do something. Mai, who had cooled down, asked Sakuta where he received information about her hiatus. Sakuta revealed that he had gotten it from Fumika in exchange for a picture of his scars. Upon realizing from Mai that he and Kaede would be dogged by the media, he gave Mai the contact details for Fumika Nanjo and watched her announce to the reporter that she would offer a scoop in exchange for her not to release the photo of Sakuta’s scar, and that she would return to acting under another agency. Before Sakuta and Mai entered their respective apartments, Sakuta accepted Mai’s offer to spend time with her the following weekend. Ecstatic, Sakuta cried out with joy while taking a bath.

Tomoe kicks Sakuta

Sakuta is kicked by Tomoe Koga

On that day, Sakuta found a girl crying for her mother and offered to help her, but was subsequently kicked by a teenage girl who accused him of being a pedophile. Sakuta was quick to clear up the situation; once the mistake was cleared up, she ordered Sakuta to kick her butt in return, which he reluctantly obliged. Much to their chagrin, a nearby police officer witnessed the obscene act, which forced Sakuta to clear up the misunderstanding at the police station. Once they left, Sakuta introduced himself to the girl (who was named Tomoe Koga) and quickly deduced she was the kind of girl who wanted to fit in with the crowd. Unfortunately, Sakuta realized that he was late for his date with Mai and rushed to the Fujisawa train station, where he found her waiting for him. Sakuta briefly complained that she wasn’t wearing a mini-skirt, but remarked that her outfit was cute nonetheless. On the train, Sakuta told Mai about how one girl helped him deal with Kaede’s Adolescence Syndrome and how he wanted to help Mai in the same way. After arriving at the beach, Sakuta told her that the girl’s name was Shoko Makinohara and that he had a brief crush on her, which bothered Mai. The latter then revealed to him that the beach was where she was planning to chat with her mother one last time before acting for another agency. However, they are horrified when they witness her mother fail to see or even remember her. Sakuta protested her sudden loss of knowledge, but was subsequently stopped by Mai, who was clearly distressed.

Sakuta and Mai holding hands

Sakuta holds Mai’s hand

Later at Fujisawa station, Sakuta suggested they head to a distant town to see if anyone else could remember her. Mai questioned the chances of success, but Sakuta reassured her by stating that at least he would be with her while they try. Sakuta then called Kaede to inform that he would be busy doing a late-night errand before boarding the train with Mai. On the train, Mai asked Sakuta if she remembered her. Sakuta gave a brief overview on her personal history and concluded by stating that her personality was warped and that she wasn’t honest, because she was trying to hide her anxiety. Sakuta held her hand as a small reward, which Mai reluctantly returned. Now at Ogaki, where no one there remembered Mai, the two decided to stay at a hotel for the night. After flustering Mai with remarks about her showering, Sakuta called Yuuma to check if he had forgotten Mai Sakurajima; to his surprise, he still remembered. Sakuta then called Futaba for a reason behind Mai’s invisibility; she’d suggested that the source might be from the school, as everyone there was still able to see her. After going underwear shopping with and for Mai, he proclaimed he would never forget the experiences he had with her; otherwise he would eat Pocky through his nose. In bed, Mai invited Sakuta to kiss her, but he declined the offer. Mai asked him what he would do if she were trembling and crying that she didn’t want to disappear, to which Sakuta replied that he would comfort and assure her that things would be all right.

Sakuta was shocked to discover that nobody in the school, except for Futaba, remembered who Mai was. While consulting with her, he learned that the school had become Mai’s own version of Schrödinger’s cat; his only option to revert this was to turn the school’s indifference into interest. Sakuta further learned that sleep was the catalyst for memory loss; after getting home, Sakuta began to jot down his memories of Mai in a diary and decided to stay up through the night.

On the first day of exams, Sakuta barely managed to stay awake. He was not surprised to learn that Futaba had forgotten Mai like everyone else. The next morning, his condition had worsened to the point where Yuuma compared him to a zombie. Mai had begin to notice this change in appearance as well. That night, Mai invited him to a study session with her, but had secretly placed sleeping pills in his coffee. Sakuta attempted to remain conscious, but fell asleep not long after.

As expected, Sakuta had lost any memory he had of Mai Sakurajima; he was unable to read her name in his notebook and only remembered travelling to Ogaki alone. At school, Futaba handed him a letter detailing how the students’ subconscious ignorance could be subdued if Sakuta’s love were to overcome their indifference, but neither of them were able to understand it. During the exam, Sakuta came across a question identical to the one Mai taught him during their study session, which caused him to remember Mai’s identity. Intending to fight the «atmosphere» and force the memory of Mai Sakurajima into everyone, he immediately ran outside the school and cried out his confession of love for everyone to hear. Sakuta discovered Mai behind him, who told that he was being a nuisance. She slapped Sakuta, angry that he had broken his promise not to forget her. In response to Mai’s proclamation that she wouldn’t forgive him, Sakuta responded that he wouldn’t let her go until she did. Mai then stepped on his foot, which prompted him to say that he loved her. Sakuta bemoaned the fact that they would be lectured, but Mai reassured him by stating that she would be lectured along with him.

At lunch break on June 27, Sakuta told Mai that he loved her and asked her to go on a date with him, to which Mai replied that hearing that for an entire month did not make her heart race anymore. After Mai revealed she had already shared her first kiss with him, Sakuta was unable to remember it. Mai offered to do it again, but instead tricked him into kissing a piece of lunch in her chopsticks. In response, Sakuta disturbed her by suggesting her apparent turn-off made him want to fall out of love. This made Mai’s face go red, leading her to shyly accept his invitation. While walking down the stairs, Sakuta noticed Tomoe Koga being asked out by third-year student Yosuke Maezawa.

After waking up, Sakuta was confused to see that he had woken up on June 27. He repeated his interaction with Mai in the same manner, but teased her by suggesting he would find a new romance. This managed to get the same result, though Mai regarded his method as quite cheeky.

SBY Episode 4 Screenshot 1

Sakuta learns of Tomoe’s dilemma.

Upon waking up to June 27 for the third time, Sakuta realized that the day was repeating itself. He consulted Futaba in the science room, who suggested he go look for a student who acted differently after every iteration of June 27 and who remembered the events of previous iterations; that student was Tomoe Koga, whom he found hiding in a podium in a classroom. After they learned that both of them had been living the same day three times, Tomoe told Sakuta of her friend’s crush on Yosuka Maezawa and her dilemma between accepting Maezawa’s confession or rejecting them at the risk of being shunned. Caught in a hectic moment, the two fall over in an unintentionally suggestive position, which disgusted a passing Maezawa and then Mai. Sakuta tried in vain to give her an explanation, but he was sure that the day would repeat itself anyway.

To his disbelief, the day moved on to June 28. Consulting with Futaba again, Sakuta figured that since Tomoe no longer had to deal with a confession, her dilemma was resolved and thus allowed time to flow as usual. Sakuta decided to clear up Mai’s misunderstanding, but after Futaba suggested that Maezawa would confess to Tomoe again as a result (which would loop time again), he reluctantly decided not to. After closing time at work, Tomoe (who was now a fellow employee implored Sakuta to keep up the implication that they were dating, which Sakuta refused. However, when Tomoe told him that she didn’t want to appear lonely to the school, Sakuta was reminded of his sister. He agreed to keep up the lie and accepted Tomoe’s subsequent date proposal. A moment after he returned home, he found Mai at his doorstep wanting an explanation to what she saw at school. Sakuta cleared up the misunderstanding in his room and Mai decided to let him off the hook for the time being, though he needed to show enough faith to be exempt. In response, Sakuta attempted to embrace Mai, but was kicked in the face.

Beginning their false relationship the following day, Sakuta and Tomoe spent their first date at the aquarium. After hearing from Tomoe that she used to be a socially awkward person, Sakuta told her not to be bothered over who she was before, as she liked the person who she was now. They later helped one of Tomoe’s friends find her phone case, but Tomoe had to be sent to the nurse’s office after falling into the water. After Tomoe asked why he went along with her requests, Sakuta replied that she was desperate. Tomoe stated that she didn’t want everyone to hate her, to which Sakuta responded that he would be satisfied if he had only one person who liked him. Later that day, Tomoe gave Sakuta a can of peaches as a gift of gratitude, but Sakuta flustered her in return by comparing the peaches to her butt.

On July 7, Sakuta found a distressed Tomoe sitting alone at the train station and not long after, Yosuke Maezawa taunted her with a rumor about her alleged promiscuity, which prompted Sakuta to fight and defeat the third-year. Sakuta denounced the rumor and declared he was a virgin, before running away with Tomoe.

At the beach, Sakuta laughed after Tomoe informed that she was a virgin, claiming he wouldn’t have believed the rumor at all. As they walked along the shoreline, Sakuta assured that they would remain friends once their false relationship ended.

On July 17, Sakuta tagged along with Tomoe to buy a swimsuit for her, and spent time with her at the beach the next day, which was the last day of their false relationship. Before going home, Tomoe wished Sakuta good luck with Mai.

To his shock, Sakuta discovered that he woke up to July 18 a second time. He promptly asked Tomoe if she had experienced the same thing, which she denied. After school, the two repeated their date and goodbye as it occurred previously. Still, July 18 occurred a third time to repeat the same events and then another fourth time, which raised Sakuta’s suspicion. He consulted with Futaba in the science room, and both of them concluded that Tomoe had to be lying about her feelings. After taking her to Enoshima, Sakuta told her to stop lying, and revealed that he knew her true intentions, before concluding that no matter how many times she rolled the dice, his feelings wouldn’t change. Tomoe then explained that she tried to forget their experiences, couldn’t bring herself to. However, with some indirect encouragement from Sakuta that nothing would change, Tomoe admitted her feelings for him. The following day, time had rewound back to June 27.

Sakuta repeated his lunch break with Mai, but decided to ask her how she felt about him. As a response, Mai prompted him to look out the window, before kissing him on the cheek. Sakuta wished it was mouth-to-mouth, only for his foot to be stepped on. After witnessing Tomoe smoothly reject Maezawa’s confession, he promised that they would remain friends, no matter the circumstances. While walking home with Mai, they came across a middle-school student tending to an abandoned cat. Sakuta was baffled after the girl introduced herself as Shoko Makinohara, the same name as his first crush years ago.

Sakuta whimpers

Sakuta hugs his pillow after sharing an intimate moment with Mai.

On August 2, Sakuta met up with Futaba Futaba at the library to tell her about Shoko Makinohara when he noticed she wasn’t wearing glasses and her hair was tied up. As the two left the building, Sakuta learned of an upcoming fireworks festival and suggested Futaba to wear a yukata. While walking home with Mai later that night, they witnessed Futaba enter an internet cafe and decided to approach her. He discovered the Futaba they found was a second Futaba and decided to bring her home, where they came to the conclusion that the other Futaba was a copy of her mind. Lying down with Mai, the couple attempted to kiss, but ended up hitting each other on the head. Mai left the room to let Sakuta practice until he could get it right, much to his chagrin.

The next morning, Sakuta found the other Futaba watching Yuuma play basketball from outside the gym. After being told why she fell in love with him, Sakuta informed her that her counterpart was at his home and that she had theorized that they were two copies of one Futaba. After the other Futaba told him she had a solution before leaving, Saki approached and showed Sakuta that Futaba had been posting risque photos on social media.

Sakuta later learned that he would have to cut dates with Mai to avoid unwanted attention. After walking with Mai to her apartment, Sakuta shared a kiss with her. He briefly thought about dealing with Futaba the following day, but decided not to. [1]

Sakuta conversed with Futaba at home and learned of her insecurity of her body and that her clone was posting the pictures. Later on the train with the other Futaba, he was told to give up on one of the two Futabas. When prompted to give his answer on August 5, Sakuta dismissed it as something for her to decide.

A week later, he accompanied the other Futaba at a train station. When the latter received threatening messages on her phone, Sakuta texted back with a threat to call the police and later went with the other Futaba to her home. Upon learning that she feared a loss of attention from Yuuma and himself, Sakuta called Yuuma to meet up with them and then went with them to play with fireworks and sparklers at the beach.

Sakuta Rio and Yuuma watch fireworks

Watching the fireworks with Futaba and Yuuma

The next day, Sakuta discovered that Futaba had ran away from his house. After the other Futaba suggested searching the school, Sakuta biked there through the rainy weather and found Futaba sitting alone in a classroom. Futaba though of herself as an obsolete copy, which Sakuta strongly denied. He announced they would meet up with Yuuma at Kugenuma-Kaigan station on August 19, before he collapsed from a cold. At the hospital, Sakuta told Futaba it was fine to hate herself, explaining that people who loved themselves were annoying. After Futaba asked to accompany him to the fireworks festival, Sakuta directed her to call her other self instead. He picked up the phone after she disappeared from her spot and was told by Futaba (who had become one person again) not to be late. On August 19, the three watched the fireworks as planned.

On the morning of September 1, Sakuta greeted Mai in his usual blunt fashion, but was surprised after she responded with confusion. He then learned from Mai (in her sister’s body) that she and her sister had switched bodies and immediately labelled it as an effect of Adolescence Syndrome.

The next day at a train station, Sakuta asked Nodoka if she wouldn’t cause a commotion in public like her sister, to which she responded that she wasn’t as popular. At school, he noticed Nodoka’ speech mannerism was much like Mai’s and then learned about how she looked up to her older sister. Later on, Sakuta suggested that Nodoka wanted to tell Mai that she hated her, which was initially met with disbelief. Nodoka asked to stay at his home, but was interrupted by Mai, leaving Sakuta to watch their subsequent confrontation.

On September 12, Sakuta witnessed Nodoka collapse during a routine film shoot. When Mai met up with him, Sakuta concluded the pressure of being Mai Sakurajima was too much for Nodoka to handle. That evening, Mai handed him spare keys to her home, but he was ordered not to open a specific cabinet. Nodoka, who was already inside the home, asked him for Mai’s comment on her ordeal. Sakuta responded that Mai had no doubt she would be able to get a good shot. Deducing she hadn’t eaten, Sakuta proposed to make food while Nodoka took a bath. He went to open the cabinet Mai wanted him to avoid. After uncovering the contents of a box inside, Sakuta groaned in annoyance, muttering that Mai and Nodoka should make up already.

A week later, Kaede showed herself wearing middle school clothing to Sakuta, before he was given tickets to the upcoming Sweet Bullet performance by Mai.

On September 21, Sakuta watched the performance with Nodoka, but did not notice her feelings of shame after she saw her mother praising her sister. Before she could drown herself on the beach, Sakuta stopped her and told that Mai cared for her. Upon being asked for an explanation, Sakuta brought her to Mai’s apartment and revealed to her the box full of letters sent by Nodoka in the cabinet, but she was still unconvinced. While watching Mai come in to explain the reason why she kept the letters, a sudden outburst from Nodoka provoked Mai to slap Sakuta (as Nodoka had a planned photo shoot). He would then watch the two reconcile their relationship and regain their original appearances.

In the science room, Sakuta told Futaba how Nodoka’s body switch was resolved, to which she proposed as a variant of quantum teleportation and a product of Mai and Nodoka’s jealousy for each other. At Mai’s apartment, Sakuta was shown by Mai a picture of him walking with Nodoka (in Mai’s body), which meant that their relationship had gone public. Fortunately, Mai was able to calm down the media at a press conference, which Sakuta commended her for on October 15. Upon returning home, he discovered a letter apparently written to him by the older Shoko Makinohara telling him to meet up with her at the beach. He attempted to reach Shoko by phone to confirm if she had sent the letter, but was unsuccessful.

Sakuta leaves a message

Sakuta leaves a message for the older Shoko

The next day, Sakuta consulted Futaba about the letter, but after Futaba decided he was too tedious to deal with, Sakuta was redirected to Mai instead. After Mai permitted him to go meet with her, the couple came across Kotomi Kano, Kaede’s childhood friend; Sakuta took time to talk with her at Benny’s, where he let her know about Kaede’s current condition. Sakuta then went met up with Mai at the beach and learned that Shoko hadn’t shown up yet. Deciding it was getting late but still wanting to leave a message for Shoko, Sakuta wrote on the beach that he had a girlfriend. Later on, Sakuta was shown by Kaede a list of goals she prepared for the year, but Sakuta suggested that she would start with goals that would help her go outside. After eating dinner with her and Mai, he watched Kaede successfully answer a phone call, but became shocked after seeing Kaede collapse from a sudden fever and after noticing a large spot on her neck shortly after.

Sakuta comforts Kaede

Sakuta comforts Kaede after she steps outside

On October 23, while Kaede latched on to his back, Sakuta took a slow pace toward their balcony and nearly wept after successfully making it outside. He would then witness Kaede make it to various other locations. At the beach with Kaede, Mai and Nodoka on November 10, they watched Kotomi approach Kaede, only for the latter to not remember who she was. Prompted, Sakuta revealed to Mai and Nodoka that Kaede had lost her memories. At his house, Sakuta detailed Mai and Nodoka on his family’s ordeal with Adolescence Syndrome, including Kaede’s sudden loss of memory. He explained that he kept the latter a secret because he couldn’t bring himself to mention it after Kaede started making friends.

A week later, Kaede asked Sakuta who Kotomi was, prompting Sakuta to tell she was an acquaintance before kindergarten. After handing her a book Kotomi had given him, Sakuta was surprised to see Kaede remember Kotomi, before catching her falling unconscious. At the hospital, Sakuta checked to see if his sister was still herself or «Kaede», before informing Mai that Kaede’s original memories may overwrite her current ones. Outside the hospital, Sakuta suggested he and Kaede go see pandas, but Kaede deemed them secondary to going to school.

Azusagawa siblings look in a classroom

The Azusagawa siblings observe Kaede’s old classroom

Sakuta and Kaede talked with a school counselor, deciding that even going to the nurse’s office would count as going to school. Unfortunately for the siblings, Kaede’s trauma resurfaced upon seeing other students, which prevented her from going. In response, Sakuta promised that she would make it to school, but only after taking a short break in the «best place he can think of», which turned out to be the zoo. After looking at both giant and red pandas, Sakuta gifted Kaede an annual pass to the zoo. That night, Sakuta led Kaede to the currently empty school, where they observed Kaede’s old classroom. The siblings then walked home satisfied, and looked forward to Kaede’s return to school.

Sakuta%27s scars reopen

Sakuta’s wounds reopen

The following morning, however, Sakuta became greatly disturbed upon finding out that Kaede did not remember their trip to school and that her old personality had returned at the cost of her recent memories. He brought Kaede to the hospital with their father, where they learned she had no recollection of when she was an amnesiac. Distraught over the loss of the Kaede he took care of for two years, Sakuta ran outside the hospital to lament with anguish, causing his scars to re-open. Just then, he was assured that things would be all right by a person in front of him, who turned out to be the older Shoko. While Sakuta bathed, Shoko began reading to him entries from Kaede’s diary, from which he learned that Kaede created her list of goals to fill his mind with happy memories before she reverted to her old self. After Shoko stated his sadness was an indicator of how significant Kaede’s existence was, Sakuta broke into tears.

The next morning, Sakuta discovered a note left by Shoko telling that she went home, before informing Mai of Kaede’s situation. After visiting Kaede at the hospital, Sakuta discovered that both the older and middle-school Shoko had seemingly disappeared, the latter not returning his phone calls. He went to Futaba to discuss this, only for her to suggest the existence of Shoko was an illusion created by him.

Mai pinching Sakuta

Receiving a pinch instead of a kiss

On December 1, Mai discovered the note on his table and stormed off, leading him to assume that she had a misunderstanding of his meeting between him and Shoko. However, after work the following night, Nodoka told him that she had visited him to cheer him up in the wake of recent events with Kaede and that today was her birthday. This prompted Sakuta to board a bullet train and sprint as fast as he could to Mai’s film site. After being taken to a nearby park, Mai apologized for not being there during his time of need, to which Sakuta replied that her at his side was enough to make him feel happy. He was then prompted by Mai to close his eyes for what was seemingly a kiss, but his cheek was pinched instead.

As Sakuta and Kaede prepared to leave the hospital, the latter announced she wanted to go to school. Sakuta asked if she wasn’t afraid anymore, becoming satisfied when she stated she wasn’t alone.

Adolescence Syndrome

Sakuta suffered spontaneous three deep cuts to his chest one day after seeing Kaede suddenly receiving injuries. These cuts were serious enough to get him sent to the hospital.

The truth about the cuts was revealed to be the result of Older Shoko Makinohara’s existence, where she was alive due to having received Sakuta’s heart for a transplant. This resulted in where Sakuta’s heart existed in two places at once, causing pain whenever she appeared.


Sakuta might be socially awkward, but he has some relationships with others.

Mai Sakurajima

As an upperclassman, Sakuta first had affection towards Mai when he talks with her more frequently. Due to her invisibility, Sakuta is able to have a romantic relationship with Mai as he is one of the people that can see her, and talk to her as another individual who suffered from Adolescence Syndrome. Therefore, he lends his help to Mai as someone to rely on, just like how he had Shoko Makinohara to rely on and talk to.

Kaede Azusagawa

Kaede is Sakuta’s younger sister. Due to the harmful effects she received from her own Adolescence Syndrome, Sakuta shows deep care and compassion for her. However, in turn, Kaede is excessively attached to her older brother.

Shoko Makinohara

Older Shoko

Being the only person willing to believe and help him after his first experience with Adolescence Syndrome, Sakuta respects her to a great degree to the point where he wanted to help people the same way as she did. When he himself became distressed after Kaede lost her memories, Shoko reappeared to console him.

Younger Shoko

After Sakuta met her covering a stray cat from the rain, the two take turns looking after it, with Shoko visiting his house from time to time.

Upon learning the truth of her Adolescence Syndrome, Sakuta becomes determined to save her and was willing to die in the process.

Yuuma Kunimi

As a close friend, Kunimi and Sakuta have known each other since their first year. Although not much is known about Sakuta and Kunimi, Kunimi seems to appreciate the friendship between them, rather than thinking of Sakuta as a social outcast from the hospitalization incident.

Rio Futaba

Futaba and Sakuta regard each other as close friends, as they are able to confide in each other about their personal problems. Sakuta is aware of Futaba’s crush toward Yuuma and at times, tries to stay considerate. Futaba is willing to work on and research the strange occurrences that happen with him, but refused to believe that the cause of these strange events was due to Adolescence Syndrome until she experienced it herself. After learning of her insecurity over her body and that Futaba fretted over the idea of losing him and Yuuma as her only friends, Sakuta helped to show that he and Yuuma would not let that happen.

Tomoe Koga

Works alongside Sakuta in a restaurant. She has her own arc in which Sakuta helps Tomoe become a more honest and open person. Tomoe begins to really like Sakuta but is turned down when she finally admits her feelings to him.

She typically refers to Sakuta as «Senpai.»


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